Auto Insurance

No New Jersey driver can afford to go without auto insurance coverage. At Fraser Brothers, our mission is to help you keep your insurance costs down while still ensuring that you don’t have critical gaps in your coverage. These are a few details you need to know about car insurance in New Jersey.

What Influences Auto Insurance Costs?

As you compare costs for auto coverage in New Jersey for your vehicles, it’s important to understand the factors that influence these costs the most. In the case of New Jersey drivers, various things can drive the costs up or help to reduce insurance costs, including the following:

  • Driving History. Your driving record can have a profound impact not only on the cost of coverage, but also the kinds of coverage available to you. Some companies will not offer coverage to drivers they consider high risk while others charge a higher premium to do so.
  • Driving Habits. This is determined in two ways. Some insurance carriers offer deep discounts for drivers who allow their daily routines to be monitored in order to save money on insurance costs and others are simply determined by the neighborhoods where you live, work, and/or attend school, the distance from one place to the next, and the routes you take to get there. This information helps determine the roads you travel and the amount of time you spend in your vehicle each day in order to determine the risks to the carrier.
  • Driver’s Age. People under the age of 25 and over the age of 70 typically have higher insurance rates than other age groups because they pose greater risks to carriers. In order to reduce these costs, consider driver’s education classes and cars with outstanding safety features for teens. In addition, look into taking defensive driving courses or changing the primary drivers on your policy if you no longer do the bulk of the driving. Also consult with your insurance provider to determine other ways to save like bundling policies, raising deductibles, etc.
  • Automobile Safety Features. Medical expenses are on the rise and auto accidents often have injuries. Newer cars that have more safety features can help you substantially lower your risks of accidents and help to reduce injuries when accidents do occur.
  • Customer Loyalty. We love and reward our loyal customers. Whether you’ve maintained coverage for a number of years or you’ve combined insurance for renters or homeowners with your auto coverage; the more you have covered, the merrier your discounts.
  • Raising Deductibles. You can also change the extent of your coverage in order to reduce costs further by raising deductibles or reducing coverage limits.

Make sure you discuss all of these strategies with one of our agents before doing so to see if there are better alternatives to help you reduce those costs.

Why Choose Fraser Brothers?

Fraser Brothers has served the insurance needs of Central New Jersey and beyond since 1903. During our more than 100 year history, we’ve worked hard to gain your trust by providing outstanding service and insurance coverage to the communities we serve.

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