Personal Insurance

You’ve worked hard for the things you have. It’s in your best interests to protect them with an adequate amount of insurance coverage. Fraser Brothers offers a complete line of personal insurance products to central New Jersey families. Let us help you make the best insurance decision for your situation and circumstances today.


All New Jersey car owners must carry state minimum auto insurance coverage in order to drive. Unfortunately, this minimum required coverage is inadequate in the event of most auto accidents — and may leave you on the hook for damages to the other vehicle and passengers if you are found to be at fault in an accident. That’s why it’s so important to talk with an insurance agent to determine the coverage you need to protect not only your vehicle, but also your personal property from judgments against you.


Your home is your fortress from the world. When something happens to your home, you want to set things right as quickly as possible so that your world can return to normal. This means you need an appropriate amount of insurance coverage for your home itself as well as the contents inside your home so that when disaster strikes, you have the financial means to recover much of what was lost and regain your sense of safety from the world.

Renters Insurance

As a tenant, you may think that your personal possessions are covered by your landlord’s insurance. That isn’t the case. Landlord insurance excludes coverage of the tenant’s personal property. To protect all of your rental dwelling holdings, you need renters insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

In today’s litigious society, many people are beginning to discover that standard liability insurance coverage is not enough. If you’re concerned that your liability coverage isn’t adequate to provide you with the protection you want, then it’s a good idea to consider an umbrella policy to provide additional liability insurance protection beyond the protection offered by your home, auto, or other insurance policies.

Jewelry, Furs, and Collectibles

While your home insurance provides coverage and protection for many personal items in your home, you’re sure to find that the coverage limits for certain high-ticket items is insufficient to replace the true value of these items. If you have collections or items of exceptional value, such as Persian rugs, antique furniture, or expensive electronics, then you need additional coverage in order to protect these items specifically.


Boats and other watercraft are great sources of joy for the families that own them. The nature of their use on the water, though, makes them a particular challenge to protect while providing quite a few financial calamities to families in the aftermath of accidents or wrecks.

The right boat insurance coverage will provide protection for your family from the legal, physical, and environmental impact of an accident on the water. From cleanup and wreckage removal to medical costs and even legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit from the incident, we have the right coverage to protect your family and your boat.

Classic and Antique Cars

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rediscovering your first love – that one car that represents your youth. Classic cars that have been fine tuned to former splendor and glory are an investment of time, money, and talent. More importantly, they are a rediscovery of your youth. Antique cars also need specialized insurance protection that does not take depreciation into account so that you can protect your investment in the cars.

Fraser Brothers has the right plans and policies for all these personal insurance needs and more. Click below for your free quote and to learn more about the many great personal insurance products we offer.